CHAFT was founded in 1998.

The main idea was then to offer motorized two-wheeler professionals a catalog of products that matched market expectations as much as possible in terms of their functionality, their design, and that they were above all of irreproachable quality at the lowest prices. fairer.

Today, CHAFT has more than 1,500 customers throughout France, our products are distributed abroad in around ten countries, and our catalog has more than 3,000 references.

Always concerned to stick as closely as possible to market expectations, the needs of two-wheel users, and new machines, we are constantly working on the development of our ever more exclusive range.

Our designers capture trends and transcribe them into our products, always keeping in mind the company's original philosophy: irreproachable quality at the fairest price.

On the strength of this notoriety, motivated by the quality of our network and the seriousness of our sales force, we have decided to add a distribution division to our historical activity. This branch called CHAFT Distribution offers internationally renowned brands such as HARISSON, BELGOM, VEECTOR, CLIMAX, RESPRO and GULF.

Always exclusively focused on our partners from the very beginning who are motorized two-wheeler professionals, namely dealers and accessories manufacturers, our goal has remained the same; provide them with products that are always avant-garde, comfortable margins guaranteed by stable prices.